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Tmt & intellectual property

We believe in, search for, and acquire team members with the type of experience that is based on extensive research and deep knowledge.

We believe that those skills should be coming from a place of sheer appreciation and admirable passion by our members towards their chosen fields of practice.

As it is the case with all of our practice areas, the IPR Practice Group has long possessed all of the above capabilities, has timely and effectively implemented such for serving business needs, commercial directions, and governmental plans, and has contributed to the development of arts, marketing and sales tools, and sports activities across the MENA Region.

Tmt & intellectual property

With extensive expertise of the laws and regulations, solid understanding of business and commercial mechanisms, and deep awareness of artistic history and contemporary trends in arts, fashion, and sports, our team provides all legal and governmental services relating to intellectual property rights, including, registrations and challenges, drafting,  negotiation, and execution of artistic agreements, sports agency and sponsorship agreements, and dispute resolution.

Over the past 13 years, our team has represented film studios and festivals, advertising agencies, sports agencies, artistic regulators and event organizers, and major marketing departments of multinational entities

Our team has participated in drafting and legislating current laws and regulations of telecommunications, data privacy and protection, e-commerce, cybercrime combatting, consumer finance and intellectual property across the MENA Region.

Having such firsthand experience has resulted in the provision of solid technical advice and as well securing regulatory support by means of negotiating and obtaining licenses of telecommunication services, e-commerce, apparatus and type approvals, and consumer finance.

Members of our team include certified data protection officer (CDPO) & (CDPSE), certified cybersecurity ISO 27001 lead auditor and implementer, and certified ISO 27701 privacy management specialist.

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